Safety is our number one priority, especially for children. That’s why we created a line of synthetic turf specifically for playgrounds. Commercial playgrounds, like public parks or school playgrounds, create more traffic and this could easily create more wear on synthetic turf. Our playground turf is designed for “high use” play areas and offers the best in durability and return on investment. Shawgrass is IPEMA Certified, and ADA accessible. This unique turf system, with engineered padding by Brock International, can easily be combined with the HydroChill cooling option to provide synthetic turf solutions unparalleled in the industry.

Reasons for Shawgrass Playgrounds:

  • High Use: Shawgrass playground turf is made for “high use” commercial playgrounds.
  • Cushion: 8mm closed cell urethane pad (with drain holes) provides cushioning for when turf system is installed directly over a rock hard base. Not fall rated.
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Water permeable: The turf, pad and sand infill portion drains at a rate of 50 inches per hour.
  • Versatile: Shawgrass turf systems can be installed over concrete, asphalt, or crushed stone bases with positive drainage.
  • It’s cool: During the spring, summer and fall season all synthetic surfaces can get hot. Shawgrass’s HydroChill sand infill, when hydrated by rain, dew or irrigation, can provide up to 50 degree lower surface temperatures that last for days compared to standard synthetic surfaces.
  • Sand infill: We recommend a minimum of 3 pounds per square foot by combining two pounds of HydroChill sand with one pound of clean silica sand to lower costs. HydroChill offers antimicrobial protection to help prevent the growth of bacteria, mold/mildew and reduce odors.